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Are you thinking of renovating your house, or reconstructing your home but are confused about how to manage the safety of your goods? We at C & F Movers offer you in house packing and internal moving services. Our team provides you not just the packing service but also helps you in shifting your goods from one room to another, or temporary placement in a portable storage container in the driveway until your renovations are complete. C & F Movers is a service-based Bonita Springs, FL internal moving company.

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We can move one piece or an entire household, at an hourly rate or fixed price. Please call to ask what our recommendations are for your next internal move. We also offer labor only moves where we move you from one apartment to another in the same complex. Though you do not require a moving truck, you will require equipment, and this is what we deliver. We can bring blankets, shrink wrap, dollies, floor runners and tools. No matter the job, large or small, we come prepared. We can also assist in office moves, from one unit to another or during a renovation project. We have seen it and done it all over the years and are ready, willing and able. Please call for a quote and let’s get the ball rolling.

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We are shaking up the industry by making top quality, five- star service available to all customers, even on internal moves. Within minutes of your first phone call, we can give you an hourly price or schedule and on-site estimate for a fixed price on your move. The enables us to give you a firm price so you don’t have to worry about increased costs due to weight or cubic footage of your shipment. You will never get the phone call from us that says ma’am, we drove over the scale and your move is going to cost more now because we underestimated.

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We walk through your home and give you an exact price by the item which ensures you will not have any unexpected costs in transport. For many years, customers were at the mercy of the C & F Movers. They never knew which agent was actually handling their goods or what company to contact if they had a problem. We have good news: these problems are a thing of the past. In addition to this added value, on our hourly rate moves, we start the clock when we begin working at your home until we finish at the final dropoff. You do not pay us to drive from our office to your house, this will save you time and money. We want you to be happy and do not feel that charging you for this time is fair so we have created an hourly pricing structure that is fair to all of our customers.

C & F Movers has locations across the US who employ the top internal movers available.

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These internal movers are among the elite five-star teams for loading local, internal trucks, or portable storage containers. The same driver that loads your shipment will be with you all along the way. You can contact us seven days a week to find out the exact location of your shipment. We do not combine shipments so you will never have to worry about missing an item or a delay in your schedule.

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We are also one of the number one internal movers referred by real estate agents as we specialize in real estate transactions. We can hold your furniture overnight on the truck for an additional cost to give you room to breathe when you’re closing on two homes simultaneously. This will give you the time needed to get the first house cleaned or inspect the second home before signing your documents. We have created this service because we understand the industry and want to alleviate stress on our customers. We also ensure that our movers are well trained and use the necessary equipment to protect your home.

Bonita Springs Internal Movers
Bonita Springs Internal Movers
Bonita Springs Internal Movers