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Charleston Park Long-Distance Movers

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When it comes to long distance moving, C & F Movers is the best in the business. None of our competitors have a better system. It all starts with the unparalleled individual attention that we give to each customer. Many long-distance moving companies cut corners to come up with ridiculous rock bottom prices. They will load your precious cargo by one team and it might get loaded and unloaded many times on the way to its final destination (hopefully it will actually make it there). Your furniture will be handled by many different movers whom you have never seen. Some moving companies will deliver at their convenience. Sometimes they’ll even hold your furniture hostage until you pay what they want you to pay. Other companies will quote you on weight. How can anyone really know how much everything weighs? Still other companies may quote you by feet. Again, how can anyone really be sure how many feet it will take to get your move done? These pricing systems leave too much room for error and you can bet that the error won’t be in your favor!

C & F Movers: Long-Distance Movers in Charleston Park

We are reputable movers (and local movers) with a very simple system. We will give you a guaranteed binding flat rate. What you get with us:
We have a large fleet of well maintained trucks.
You are the only customer we have on the truck.
The same foreman will be with your furniture for the entire move.
We will drive your furniture directly to the destination when you want it there.
Professional and experienced movers that deliver on time.
Up to 100% off all packing materials (with full packing services).
No extra fees or hidden charges.
We will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture.

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Choose the right movers the first time around — with C & F Movers. We are a professional moving company and we take pride in our job. We start by giving you a very honest and realistic quote. We like to show up on time and get right to work with the right attitude. We will blanket and shrink-wrap all bulky furniture before it leaves your home to ensure maximum protection of not only the furniture but also to protect your door jambs, floors, ceilings, and walls.

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Our crew of professional movers in Charleston Park, FL will work fast and hard to complete the job as fast and as safely as possible. I guarantee that you will never question our work ethic. Moving can be one of life’s most stressful situations and it is our goal to treat our customers like family and so we provide the very best service possible.

C & F Movers relies on our longdistance movers who are required through their experience and professionalism to ensure each relocation results in optimum quality and customer satisfaction.

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The charges for cross-country moving services are calculated by the weight of the shipment and the distance it has to travel. Basic charges cover all required disassembly, quilt padding and wrapping of furniture, loading, unloading of furniture and personal effects as well as all reassembling of disassembled items in the new location.

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When looking for professional long distance moving companies, you want a company you can trust. Through our extensive network, we have the ability to coordinate, monitor and provide the highest standards of cross-border moving services. Therefore, we have the ability to give you up-to-date information on your items and ensuring that you can trust us.

Charleston Park Long-Distance Movers
Charleston Park Long-Distance Movers
Charleston Park Long-Distance Movers