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Cypress Lake One-Piece Movers

One Piece Moving
C & F Movers specializes in the one piece moves that apartment residents and small businesses require. In most cases these moves don’t require the services of the larger moving companies with their higher prices. Our one-piece moving rates are based solely upon your specific needs by factoring in the time and labor required to make the move, which allows our company to offer prices that are more reasonable than most.

C & F Movers: One Piece Movers in Cypress Lake

You can hire us for just the moving labor alone, or both the labor and transporting of your items. Our friendly, responsible crew will handle your items with the utmost in care and professionalism to ensure a safe and efficient move. We offer blanket wrapping where required on furniture, mirrors and fragile items, along with light disassembly and reassembly of furniture. All items are placed in the appropriate room(s), per your instruction, upon unloading.

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C & F Movers is a family owned moving company located in Cypress Lake, FL, servicing renters and homeowners in Cypress Lake, FL. We specialize in apartment size moves, providing the customer with the personalized services of our fully equipped moving truck(s) and a crew of professional movers to take the stress out of your move.

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C & F Movers was founded to help our local neighbors and businesses alike save money when they require the services of a moving company. All jobs are customized for the customer, depending on how much the customer wants or doesn’t want to do themselves. Since load and unloading time is a big factor that determines our rates, our customers can save money by having all boxes closed and securely taped, all drawers, shelves and cabinets emptied and any furniture disassembled where applicable before our arrival so you are not paying for our man/crew to do it, or for any time if they have to wait for you to finish packing.

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However, we do offer assembly and disassembly of most furniture items and padding and wrapping as well. Should you be unable to do your own packing, we can provide packing services as well. Our crews are made up of all professional movers with over 10 years of experience in short distance and long haul moves. They are skilled in the art of padding and wrapping furniture and properly maneuvering furniture to prevent any damage to belongings or property.

Whether you are moving one piece of furniture or an apartments worth of furniture we are the right local C & F Movers movers for you since our flat rates are based solely on your needs.

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We offer friendly, responsible, reliable service with the professional attention you deserve. Our reasonable flat rates are based upon your individual needs so there is no need to worry about hassling with renting a truck, or trying to find friends to help you make your move, when you can simply call C & F Movers to do it for you. Moving is stressful for most people and C & F Movers is here to take the stress out of your next move.

Cypress Lake One-Piece Movers
Cypress Lake One-Piece Movers
Cypress Lake One-Piece Movers