Siesta Key is a well-known island in Florida, nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Roberts Bay.

Hoping to experience an island paradise?

Here are a few of the reasons why this part of Florida’s Gulf Coast is dubbed the paradise of the Gulf Coast.

Reasons to Move to Siesta Key, Florida

Are you looking for a city to call home?

There are several reasons why you should consider Siesta Key, Florida for relocating and why the lovely beach town Siesta Key, an eight-mile island located minutes from Sarasota is a popular holiday spot for so many people both locally and internationally.


The barrier island of Siesta Key which is close to the sparkling Gulf of Mexico can be reached from downtown Sarasota. Siesta Public Beach has twice been rated the finest in the state. This eight-mile-long island features nightlife, eating, shopping, and resorts. Siesta Key is a must-visit island paradise known for its white quartz beaches, turquoise seas, and various beachfront facilities. Everyone can find plenty of things to enjoy on Siesta Key. Siesta Key is a playground for outdoor excursions, a family vacation spot, and a romantic retreat for couples. Don’t forget, you are never far from the beach and bay wherever you stay in Siesta Key.

You will soon be made to fall in love with this scenic place to live.

The beautiful barrier island of Siesta Key, located just off the coast of Sarasota is one of Florida’s many beautiful islands.

The waterways are immaculate, delightful attractions are fabulous and the sugar sand is soft which makes Siesta Key the tropical gem of a city.

Cost of living in Siesta Key, Florida

The overall cost of living in Siesta Key, Florida is 156. The cost of goods & services is 105, groceries 110, health care 111, housing 275, transportation 102, and utilities 100.

The cost of living in Siesta Key is 57% higher than the Florida average, 56% higher than the national average and housing is 175% higher than the national average. Across the US in terms of cost of living, Siesta Key is ranked 78 out of 273 cities.

The average household income is $162,162 in Siesta Key with a poverty rate of 4.67%. The median rental costs in recent years have reached $1,920 per month and the median house value is $723,000.


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Is Siesta Key, Florida a safe place to live – Crime Rates?

You have a 1 in 143 chance of becoming a victim of crime In Siesta Key. The crime rates of Siesta Key are 70% lower than the national average, violent crimes are 68% lower than the national average and it is safer than 77% of the cities in the United States. Year over year crime has decreased by 15% in Siesta Key.

What are the demographics of Siesta Key, Florida?

Out of 953 cities in the state of Florida, Siesta Key is the 445th most populated city. The largest Siesta Key ethnic groups are White followed by Hispanic and Two or More.

  • White: 95.92%
  • Two or more races: 2.61%
  • Asian: 1.00%
  • Native American: 0.30%
  • Other race: 0.09%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.07%
  • Black or African American: 0.00%

Population by Age and Gender

  • Male Population:   49.33%
  • Female Population:   50.67%
  • 10 years:   3%
  • 10-17 years:   6%
  • 18-24 years:   4%
  • 25-34 years:   2%
  • 35-44 years:   4%
  • 45-54 years:   9%
  • 55-64 years:   18%
  • 65+ years:   55%

The median age is 67.5 years in Siesta Key, 64 years for males, and 69 years for females.


Things to do in Siesta Key, Florida

People get into this ineffable “party” mood in Siesta Key.

The thrill-seekers in your vacation party will have no issues finding adventure on Siesta Key from paddle boarding and kayaking to jet skiing and parasailing. Sign up for a boat cruise or a tour of the mangrove tunnels or rent your own equipment to explore. Keep your eyes peeled for manatees, dolphins, and other marine wildlife after enjoying the water.


Best things to do include;

  • Siesta Beach
  • Crescent Beach
  • Point of Rocks
  • Siesta Farmers Market
  • Parasail Siesta

How many people live in Siesta Key, Florida – Population?

Located in Florida, Siesta Key has a population of 5,587, currently declining at a rate of -2.08% annually and its population has decreased since the most recent census. In Siesta Key, the population density is 496% higher than in Florida and the median age is 54% higher than in Florida. The number of people per household in Siesta Key is 2.0, 68.7% are married, 10.2% are divorced, 12.2% are married with children and 2.1% have children, but are single.

Siesta Key, Florida Weather

In Siesta Key, the summers are hot, long, oppressive, wet, and mostly cloudy while the winters are cool, short, windy, and partly cloudy. The temperature typically varies from 53°F to 89°F and is rarely below 40°F or above 92°F over the course of the year. Siesta Key, Florida gets 53 inches of rain, 0 inches of snow, and 251 sunny days on average, per year. November, April, and March are the most pleasant months to visit Siesta Key. Humidity can be miserable in the summer but is significant throughout the year. August is the rainiest month with 16.2 days of rain and April is the driest month with only 4.8 rainy days.

The hot season starts from May to October & lasts for 4.5 months with an average daily high temperature above 85°F. The hottest month of the year is August with an average high of 89°F and a low of 75°F in Siesta Key.

The cool season starts from December to March & lasts for 2.8 months with an average daily high temperature below 74°F. The coldest month of the year is January with an average low of 54°F and a high of 71°F.

Average Income in Siesta Key, Florida

The average annual salary is $42,698 in Siesta Key which works out to be approximately $20.53 an hour and is equivalent to $821 a week or $3,558 a month. Most salaries in Sarasota range from $30,501 to $52,717 annually. The highest salary jobs include;

  • Orthopedic Surgeon:   $345,601
  • Radiation Oncologist:   $274,124
  • Rheumatologist:   $260,264
  • General Surgeon:   $294,244
  • Endodontist:   $258,834
  • OB Gyn:   $253,167
  • Dermatologist:   $257,071
  • Psychiatrist:   $248,703
  • Cardiologist:   $295,912
  • Hospitalist:   $231,321

Taxes & Utilities in Siesta Key, Florida

In Siesta Key, FL the average electricity customer is using 1,552 kWh of electricity per month and 18,624 kWh over the course of the year. So, on average, electricity users spend about $187 per month on electricity which adds up to $2,244 per year and that’s 14% higher than the national average electric bill of $1,967.

The minimum combined 2022 state, country, and city sales tax rate for Siesta Key, Florida is 7%. The Florida sales tax rate is currently 6%, the country sales tax rate is 1% and the Siesta Key sales tax rate is 0%.

Is Siesta Key, Florida good for singles?

Living in Siesta Key, Florida is no doubt convenient for those who need to be near Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico. There are many places that are considered to be good singles town. One of the reasons why people move to these areas is because of the singles communities in them. Here are some of the main benefits singles enjoy when living in Siesta Key, Florida;


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Want to push yourself to a healthier lifestyle?

A gym is a place where you can get training in athletic activities, running, playing, and gymnastics that require certain equipment. The presence of well-equipped gyms encourages residents to live a healthy lifestyle. So, to strengthen and tone the body these gyms offer cardio equipment, gymnasiums, affordable fitness training with weight rooms, and a variety of exercise equipment. Siesta Key, Florida gyms offer strength machines, cardio equipment, and free weights at their facilities. For more effective and efficient workouts and noticeable results personal trainers are available. They give you a great workout and everything you need for a great workout.

  • Minutes to Fitness
  • Bodybar Pilates Lakewood Ranch
  • Siesta Key Fitness Center
  • Mantra Fitness
  • Esporta Fitness


When visiting during months with peak crowds your final selection will come down to the availability of a table where you will be selecting for fine, casual, or waterfront dining. Dine on fresh seafood, homemade pasta, fine wine, and more on Siesta Key. No matter which dining establishment you prefer, there will be more than enough choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will find more than enough options whether you prefer fine dining or burgers and beer. The following list is the guide for those who are looking to experience the best of the best when it comes to satisfying hunger.

  • Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar
  • Ophelia’s on the Bay
  • Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar
  • Summer House Steak & Seafood
  • Meaney’s Mini Donuts

Is Siesta Key, Florida good for families?

Families tend to be less likely than singles to travel to a new place and to experience the culture of that place. This means that even if you have found a great destination, it may not be the right one for your family if they are not familiar with it. While it is true that there are many great locations that are excellent for families. In Siesta Key, Florida there are many places for families to take part in fun, interactive activities including parks, sports facilities, museums, shops, restaurants, libraries, schools, and community centers. There is plenty of space for families in Siesta Key. Families can also visit attractions in nearby cities.

Booking a family vacation or a relaxing getaway in Siesta Key presents countless opportunities for pristine beaches, and breathtaking scenery to explore. You will have the pleasure of speaking with guests from all over the world who enjoy the famous white sand beaches and the surrounding area of Siesta Key.

How are the schools in Siesta Key, Florida?

When place changes, it impacts the kinds of things we want and need. We desire new things for our family. As a parent education should be a top consideration while making a decision for relocating. You should deeply care about the quality of education, first, you should figure out what are schools’ rankings and what will they teach to your kid. The schools in and around Siesta Key, Florida rank well. There are ample opportunities for your children to pursue a good education.

Approximately 11.83% of the population in Siesta Key holds a high school degree, 18.79% have attained a college certificate and 35.54% have a bachelor’s degree.



Middle schools in Siesta Key, Florida

  • Laurel Nokomis School
  • Sarasota School of Arts/Sciences
  • Sarasota Middle School
  • Brookside Middle School
  • Heron Creek Middle School

High schools in Siesta Key, Florida

Colleges & Universities in Siesta Key, Florida

  • Fsu College of Medicine-Sarasota Regional Campus
  • Ringling College
  • Sarasota County Technical Institute
  • Elevation Preparatory Academy
  • Eckerd College Program For Experienced Learners

Churches in Siesta Key, Florida

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Siesta Key, Florida

Why Siesta Key is next destination pick?

  • The job market of Siesta Key, Florida has seen an increase of 2.6% over the last year.
  • Siesta Key Island is home to one of the world’s most famous beaches, plenty of great places to eat and party.
  • There are a million reasons to visit and even more live in Siesta Key.
  • Regardless of the fact that Siesta Key is a small 8-mile-long barrier island, you will feel no shortage of great fun and amazing places to eat.

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