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North Fort Myers Internal Movers

Internal Moving Service
Internal moves are short-distance jobs that take place within the same building, apartment complex or campus. These include:
Tower blocks and high rises
Office blocks and large commercial properties
Sheltered and residential accommodation
University campus
We’re just as happy to move the shorter distances as the long ones, so if you need us just say the word! Big or small, C & F Movers are the city’s go-to firm for internal moving.

C & F Movers: Internal Movers in Punta Rassa

Families, friends and neighbors of all generations often occupy the same apartment. For that reason, a lot of people decide to move from one flat to another in the same building. After all, an apartment complex is very much like a village in itself. People get to know one another and like to move closer together to build bonds.

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When families come into the picture, tenants like to increase their living space without the disruption of changing environment. A lot of housing associations or landlords arrange for people to move between blocks so that they can stay closer to their roots. What they can’t arrange is the removal firm that help people go from A to B. That’s where C & F Movers and our internal moving treatment comes in. If you are upsizing and moving to a bigger apartment, we’ll handle the logistics of getting your possessions upstairs or downstairs. If the need calls for it, we’ll even help assemble your furniture!

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Our city centres are dwarfed by high rise buildings and office blocks. Is your business located in one of them? Perhaps you’re moving to larger premises within the same building? We will help you move all your company equipment without a scratch. The means desks, chairs, computers, shelves, water coolers and everything else! We’re friends with Punta Rassa, FL’s biggest businesses and are proud to play a part in the commercial arm of the city.

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When we turn up to an internal moving service, we provide safety, peace of mind and a smooth operation. Some of the reasons you might consider us are: Moving in tower blocks means negotiating your way down narrow hallways, elevators and stairwells. That’s no issue with one or two boxes, but heavy furniture can leave nasty scratches on both the walls and the items.

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Not for us! We’re so used to squeezing through tight spaces that we’ve become experts in leaving no trace. That means no damage to your furniture, and no scuffs on the walls. Your sofa will arrive at the new flat in just the same condition as you left it. Flights of stairs can be dangerous to an untrained pair of hands. The right number of people must be present to lift heavy furniture, and they must do it the right way. Ignoring basic safety precautions when moving through an apartment block can lead to unwanted injury.

We offer unique pricing based on the specifics needs of our customers. For a removal quote tailored to your internal move, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with a price that suits. And if you’re in any doubt about the quality of our service, just check out our online reviews!

North Fort Myers Internal Movers
North Fort Myers Internal Movers
North Fort Myers Internal Movers