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Ridge Wood Heights Long-Distance Movers

Long Distance Moving
Why do the rates not make any sense? Ok here’s how it works… If you are moving long distance let’s say Ridge Wood Heights, FL, do not use a local company go with a connected van line like United, North American, Atlas or Allied. Maybe even one of these new ” cheap long distance” places you see ads all over the place for but BE CAREFUL with that for the extra few dollars just call someone reputable. If you are moving say 1 to 6 or 7 hours away you want to look at local companies as well… And this is why;

C & F Movers: Long Distance Movers in Ridge Wood Heights

C & F Movers have ALL owner/operators. The company name is on the truck but they OWN the truck. They travel back and forth across Ridge Wood Heights, FL picking up and dropping off and they have ALL the government contracts. This is important to note because that’s how they can often quote a price that a local Edmonton moving company will never compete with when crossing provinces.

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They have a load on their truck the government is paying 20 thousand dollars for and they can “flat rate” other jobs on the way for only the load/unload time, because the first government customer is already paying the fuel and travel. Get it?

Best Long Distance Movers in Ridge Wood Heights, Florida

Now if you’re moving only a few hours away they get paid less per pound for it and suddenly it’s no longer worth it for them. They have a timeline to keep so the extra jobs they pick up need to be worth it. Thus they ONLY take long trips. This is why you heard of someone moving clear across Ridge Wood Heights, FL for 3 grand when it cost you 2 just to move your house locally. Making sense?

Ridge Wood Heights Long Distance Movers Near Me

We charge slightly differently than many other quotes you are going to get. Most long distance moves are based on weight, this means that when the driver weighs your load, that’s your price. Your quote is really an estimate, and going across country it really does need to be done this way. When staying within the province however, you may want to consider the other option…

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Our rates are based on time instead, at about $100/hr, round trip. I can give you a firm price in about 5 minutes because of this, because get this… It really doesn’t matter how much you have. Let’s clarify that.. For example, a 2 bedroom apartment moving from Ridge Wood Heights, FL, on average 4hrs of loading and unloading, 8hrs of round trip travel plus possibly a small fuel surcharge say 12 -$1400. Even if you have more than average, it’s maybe an hour or 2 more time and it really does not have a huge impact on the overall bill anyways!

There will be questions asked, we need to be as accurate as possible but you can be sure we will not be trying to charge you more when we arrive. The biggest complaint you will hear about long distance movers in media or otherwise is generally when the driver weighs the load, and will not deliver your belongings without signing off on the adjusted price. Just be generally honest about what you have, and it’s going to be a perfect move day.

Ridge Wood Heights Long-Distance Movers
Ridge Wood Heights Long-Distance Movers
Ridge Wood Heights Long-Distance Movers