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Sanibel Furniture-Assembly Movers

Furniture Assembly Services
Local furniture assembly in Sanibel, FL and surrounding areas. Affordable, friendly, and reliable. Our furniture assembly moving team is always dressed smartly & professionally in our uniform. Taking pride in the services we provide. We always like to go the extra mile with a smile. Making your move a dream come true. We built our reputation on great, reliable service. Helping you have a great move. Check out our customer reviews.

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Summer is great! Lounging around in the garden drinking an ice-cold beverage on your new picnic bench or swing bench. But before you can enjoy the ice-cold refreshment you need to build the item in question. Let us do the heavy lifting and building for you, while you make the refreshments ready to use. You’re ready to turn over a new leaf and get that summer body back out of retirement. The only thing standing in your way is building the multi-gym you just purchased from Argos. Exercise equipment can be daunting and the sheer size and weight can make it difficult to put together. Things like treadmills/running machines, rowing machines, and multi-gyms. If you need help collecting it from an eBay seller or on Gumtree, or collecting it from a shop, we would be happy to help. If you need it built, we can do that too! Our flat pack furniture assembly service covers most gym equipment.

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With the size of barbecues growing over the years to the size of a small car, they have become increasingly complicated to put together. If you need us to pick up your BBQ from Costco, B&Q or somewhere else and then build it for you, we can. Our furniture assembly service, isn’t just for wardrobes! Children’s play equipment can seem like a great idea until you see the vast amount of pieces the set contains. If panic is setting in, then give us a call or email and we can help. For these types of projects, to get a more accurate quote, it is best to send us a link to the item or a photo.

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A garden shed is a great way to increase your storage space in an affordable way. For the size and value, there is nothing else that comes close. But what if the thought of putting the shed together fills you with dread? That’s where we can help. Our shed assembly service can save you time and headache. Not only can we pick up your shed from the manufacturer (B&Q, Homebase etc.) but we can build it for you too. If you only need us to build the shed or only need delivery, that’s fine. We are flexible and can quote you for exactly the job you need doing.

We have helped many people over the years and the reasons for it have been as diverse as the furniture we have built. Our furniture assembly service is like a handyman service and we have helped people that didn’t feel confident it building furniture themselves.

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We always keep a well-stocked selection of tools as we use these every day in our house moves and removals. We help people with every aspect of their moves and this usually includes dismantling and/or building their furniture if needed. So we are used to quickly, carefully and reliably dismantling or building furniture for our customers. Our fully stocked toolbox includes all the tools we need on a daily basis – drills, screwdrivers, spanners, hammers and so on. Everything we need for the job. So let us help, we can do the hard work, while you get on with what you need to do. We can make your project a dream come true.

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Furniture is a broad term and we build all types of furniture such as Fitness equipment, Garden play equipment (playhouses, climbing frames, swings, trampolines and activity centres), sheds, BBQs, garden furniture, kitchen units, bathroom units etc. We are always ready to help with these items as we know they can be very heavy, bulky and hard to build by yourself. If you need help from people that build these items on a regular basis, then get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.

Sanibel Furniture-Assembly Movers
Sanibel Furniture-Assembly Movers
Sanibel Furniture-Assembly Movers