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I have a few tips that will help you move from a Northern State to Florida. Moving long distance offers many chances to become discouraged and overwhelmed. One of the first things you should be sure to do is change your address. You will want to contact the post office where you are and where you are going and make sure you have everything filled out and filed in the correct way. This will take several weeks to become permanent. All of your friends and family will want to know your new address to. Do not leave them out of this exciting time. Now is a great time to purge all items that you do not use. A good rule of thumb if you have not used it in three months you should get rid of it. Donate it, sell it, or give it away. Not only does this eliminate having to pack these items but It might lower your shipping costs. Do not forget to plan for the needs of your pets. It is best to make them an appointment with their vet before you leave. If you are flying, you will have to purchase a ticket for your furry friend.

If you are driving plan plenty of stops along the way. A long distance move from Northern States to Florida is probably going to be very stressful of them too. Plan a visit to the new vet once you get to Florida, just to make sure they do not require additional immunizations. Be very well organized. It will be easier to know where to put the boxes if you know what room they came from. Make sure to use a bold marker. Label each box in the same spot so that you know exactly where to look on the box for the label. One major benefit to moving long distance from up North to Florida is the weather.

Florida generally has favorable weather conditions. Just make sure you plan for rain. You do not want to be caught in a hurricane and not expect it. It is wise to verify that your bank has branches not only where you are going but also for stops along the way. You may have to transfer banks or open a new account ahead of time. If you choose to hire a moving company you need to make sure to transfer valuables yourself. Anything that would be difficult or hard to replace should be moved in your vehicle. Birth, wedding, or divorce papers should be kept safe with you. You will also want to make sure you carry your social security card, passports, checkbooks, identification, and insurance within reach in case of an emergency. Make sure you service your vehicle, rotate your tires, and have extra fluids handy. As you load you vehicle for the trip, you will want to make sure you have your jack and spare tires accessible. Plan your route, mark reasonable distances to stop and rest. Be sure to book your hotels for your overnight stays.

The Free Estimate

One of our Estimators will come out and give you a detailed quote with all the information you provide them, as well as the amount of furniture being transported. Once all the factors are calculated in we give you a firm quote guarenteed not to change unless changes are made by you the client. We dont hide fees or change our prices after we are loaded as many other moving companies DO!!

Packaging Service

We can package everything up from the silverware and glassware to the clothes in your drawers. We wrap every piece of furniture with padded blankets, Use bubble wrap and other supplies to ensure not a scratch or item is ever damaged. We also offer our packaging services for the DIY Movers.

Special Packaging

We have all the packaging setups to transport motorcyles, pianos and various other special circumstances items. We have all the latest packaging technologies that protect your items and ensure no damage. No damage means problem free and another satisfied client. If you see your mover trying to move your piano without a piano board that straps it down, stop everything because chances they are not professional and dont really care for your items.


Loading is the key to a successful move, If the truck is loaded by amateurs and they leave a lot of voids and spaces between the items there's a good chance stuff is going to move around during the haul and get damaged. We hire experienced only handlers who know how to load a truck. We feel it isn't right to teach people how to load a truck at the expense of damaging your property. Our team is 100% experienced and professionals. This is the secret to our success.

The Haul

The haul is pretty much the breath span. Everything is loaded and on its way so its time to take a deep breath and relax. Depending on where the load is going this gives everyone a chance to take a break and maybe have a bite to eat. Shortly there after the truck should arrive at the location and begin the delivery and unloading process.


Once the truck arrives our staff will walk the interior of the property with you and take directions from you where you want them to put whick pieces and boxes. They will start to make a note of the locations to use as a reminder since we dont want them asking you every 5 minutes where do you want this and how about this. Once they have the directions they will begin to deliver your property.


The unloading process is the last leg of the race. Here we unload the items off the truck and put them away for you. The rebuild and setup anything they took apart and place the items in the locations you the client outlined for them in the walk thru. Once they are finished they will clean everything up and wish you the best of luck in your new location.

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