C&F Movers Vaulted Storage Services

C&F Movers can provide you with short or long term vaulted storage in our clean, and secure facility. We understand that you may need to store your belongings before, during or after your move.

What is a “Storage Vault”?

A “storage vault” is a sealed and secure wooden storage container, 7 feet high x 5 feet wide x 7 feet long (245 cubic feet). Since all of our storage vaults are a standard size, it’s easier to determine how many you’ll need and avoid overpaying for unused space.

How C&F Mover Storage Works?

C&F Movers will pick up the goods you plan to store and complete an inventory list. This inventory list is signed by you, and acts as your receipt for the items you’ll be storing. Our movers will wrap your belongings using furniture pads and shrink-wrap. We then take your items to our storage facility. They then carefully load them into storage vaults. The vault is then sealed, assigned it’s own distinct tracking code and stored in our secure facility. Once you’re ready for delivery of your furniture, just give us a call and we’ll schedule the delivery

Items Too Large for a Storage Vault?

Oversized or heavy items that will not fit in a storage vault are stored separately at an additional fee.

Advantages of Using Vaulted Mover Storage


Lower overall storage costs


Our professional movers do all the work


 “Moving out” of storage is simple – we deliver to you


Items are inventoried at your home or business for easy tracking


Belongings are wrapped in furniture pads, crated and sealed securely in the storage vault


Storage vault remains in our secure facility, which is under 24-hour vide surveillance and linked to the Police Department

Storage Access

Vaulted storage is not like “public” storage.  Our facility is private with limited access to your items. Removing belongings from the storage vaults is available Monday – Friday, 8 – 5 PM with 24-hours notice and will require additional labor/handling fees.


As a licensed Florida moving and storage company, C&F Movers offers a $0.60 per lb. limit of liability waiver as part of our standard rates. It is wise to check your insurance agent and see what coverage is available to you as part of your existing policy but we also have additional coverage available to you as requested.

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