Our goal is to make your move as effortless as problem free possible, which is why we provide FREE in home estimates, packing and unpacking services, furniture disassembly and reassembly, storage (warehousing, traditional, portable) and a full line of packing materials. That is why our moving company has a A+ rating with the BBB for over 10 years.

Moving & Storage

We have been in this business long enough to know that one of the biggest problems that moving companies and our clients face is when the house you are buying doesn’t close before the one you are moving out of. Sometimes it takes days; other times weeks. This is a problem with moving companies since most people wind up asking “Please can we just keep it on your truck for a few days?” but that puts that truck out of the rotation for the next few days causing rescheduling problems with other clients leaving us one truck short. We noticed this happening so often that we decided to prepare for it by making room in our facilities to offer you short term storage in crates. Our facility is air conditioned and secured with a gated perimiter. Imagine finding out you can’t move your belongings into your new property. What do you do? We have you covered. Just our way of insuring you have a PROBLEM FREE moving experience.

We also offer a variety of sizes of crates to move individual delicate items such as fine art, antiques, and spinet to grand pianos. We also have a wide range of crating, custom packaging and shipping services. No matter long distance moving or local moving we are here to help.

Storage Uses


Feel confident moving your motorcyle or bicycle in a crate, protected from any dangers the elements around that may damage it.


We offer crate services for valuable artwork, paintings, mirrors, and flat screen televisions.


Our crate services are also great for moving statues, large glass decorations, pottery and taxidermy.

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