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Have you recently purchased a large piece of furniture or other bulky item and don’t have a way to get it back to your home or office? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! C & F Movers’s furniture delivery service is always staffed with our professionally trained and background checked movers. We can pick up your purchase, load it onto our truck, and deliver it where it needs to go.

From couches to tanning beds, exercise equipment like treadmills, commercial ranges, commercial refrigerators, display cases, and more – our trustworthy movers can lessen the stress you might have when purchasing large items and provide you with the peace of mind that your new item will arrive safely and in the same condition you purchased it.


Do you have a place to store all your equipment, furniture, or product for your business? Don’t want to deliver to your clients and want this all fulfilled. We’ve got you covered here.

C & F Movers,  provides complete receiving, warehouse storage, and delivery of inventory and products for designers, FFE, and realtors.

This includes White Glove un-packing, setup, and delivery of the merchandise to offices, model homes, new construction and remodel homes.

Our staffing is exclusively in-house (not sub-contracted) and is specially trained to handle and deliver fragile and specialty items.

We work directly with our customers to provide the highest level of customer service and the utmost care of your home and belongings and we also work with builders, designers, and realtors in the region as the preferred choice for model homes, new construction, and staging homes for sale.

How it works:

  1. Send your equipment, furniture, products, or anything to our warehouse for storage
  2. Let us know when and where to deliver your items
  3. Let us know when to pick up your items if needed
  4. Repeat!

Who’s this for?

  • Realtors and staging companies that have home furniture to store and need it delivered to homes when they need it.
  • Cabinet makers who want their product shipped and stored somewhere else and then delivered to a client for you to put together!

Why are we the best business partner?

✔ On-Site Moving Estimates

✔ 100% Guarantee

✔ Licensed and Bonded

✔ Over 31, 000 household moves in over 25 years of business!

✔ On-Time – Always Efficient

✔ 5 Star Reviews all over!

If you need it delivered, stored, or fulfilled. We can do it for you. Moving around and need a place to store your items? We can take care of it. Call us today with your questions.


Don’t let a bad move get in your way of moving, trust a company that protects your stuff like it’s children!