We work with every type! From your everyday person and his family to military personnel, government officials, corporations and businesses, NBA and NFL players, NASCAR drivers, single moms, bachelors, elderly, young professionals, we have even assisted in moving spouses involved in nasty divorces. As always we will honor any and all clients anonymity at their discretion.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a growing number of complaints have been filed against movers lately – many of which are due to the “fraudulent practices… of rogue movers.” Minimize the risk of moving-day delays, damages, inflated charges, or loss of possessions by hiring legal, certified movers.

Absolutely check to make sure they are licensed with all the proper authorities. Many local moving companies are not authorized and are illegally operating without proper authority. These companies do not stand behind their product and are often no where to be found if an issue arises. Beware of “craigslist movers”! The state of Florida requires local movers to be registered with the FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They must have an #IM. Long Distance/Interstate movers are required to have a #MC.

Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated!

It depends. If there are any breakable items in the drawers we recommend removing those items. If there are just clothes and soft items in the drawers there is no need. Remove heavy items, guns, ammunition, jewelry and ALL valuables.