With over 31,000 household moves in over 25 years of business, your piano can be trusted with us!

We know how heavy and bulky pianos are to move. Let us handle your piano moving! We are equipped and properly trained with the best practices for moving these large instruments.

We understand pianos are not only expensive and delicate, but they can oftentimes have sentimental memories attached to them. It is our top priority to keep them protected throughout the move. From spinets, uprights, and grand uprights, to baby grands, concert grands, and all other types of organs or pianos – we move them all.

Deciding to buy a piano is no small decision. Pianos are a huge, but delicate instrument and require the utmost care. Especially during their move or delivery. Choosing a company to move your piano should be treated with the same knowledge it took to decide which piano you wanted to bestow upon your space. Choosing a company with experience in piano moves, knowledge of lifting, packing, padding, and placing, is the difference between a perfectly located piano and one that ends up as firewood with thousands of dollars in damage.

If you’re looking to move a piano, no matter the type; the CF Movers team has the skills, materials, and care needed to take that baby grand, grand or upright piano to its new home. Our licensed and insured team is highly skilled in moving items that require special care and attention. You can rest assured that your piano is packaged safely, padded properly, and will arrive at its destination safe, sound, and ready to be played.


With pianos weighing in between 500 and 1300 pounds and some sitting on delicate castors which can damage flooring, it’s best to not “try” moving it on your own. Our piano movers are trained in how to transport these large, intricate instruments, whether they be on the ground floor or above. Contact us today and learn how we can help safely and securely move your piano from Florida to exactly where you need it.

Reasons to Move with C&F Movers

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✔ Over 31, 000 household moves in over 25 years of business!

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