While we are exceptionally proud of our Sarasota moving services at the local level, C & F Movers is truly a national and international moving company. Thanks to our dedicated long distance division, we are able to provide the same level of care, service and excellence for long distance moves as we provide to our local Sarasota customers.

Whether you’re moving to another part of Florida, across state lines, or even overseas, we have the resources and manpower to facilitate all the details of your move from beginning to end. Your moving coordinator will advise you on any special details involved in your long distance move, to make sure you’re fully prepared when moving day arrives. We also provide quality packing services, and even a secure storage facility under 24-hour surveillance in case you can’t bring everything with you on your new adventure. And because every one of our moving staff is full-time and trained by us at our special training facility, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands from beginning to end.

Move out of Florida

Perhaps the greatest advantage of our long distance moving service is that we don’t have to broker your move to an interstate or international affiliate. With C & F Movers, our chain of custody remains intact from your starting point to your end point. This means that the same company you trusted to pack and load your belongings is the same company that delivers them to your new place—namely, us! You’ll even have the same movers on both ends of the move.

Because your property is going to travel a good distance out of the metro North Port–Sarasota County–Bradenton Metropolitan Statistical Area area within Florida or outside of it, C & F Movers shrink wraps and pads all delicate property such as furniture, to avoid damaging your house when leaving, or your assets. As a fully licensed and ensured moving company, we take every precaution to ensure 100% consistency and safe, effective, timely transport and setup. We even offer packing services if you want to remain hands-off the entire process. Our employees must pass rigorous training in tight-spaces, 2-story moving, and unique situations to assess, test, and develop them into the experts which will arrive at your residence. See why thousands have trusted C & F Movers with their precious cargo.

International Moving Company in North Port–Sarasota County–Bradenton Metropolitan Statistical Area

For cross-state, interstate and international moves, you can trust the experts at C & F Movers to deliver your belongings in the same condition as when they left. For a free estimate on your long distance move, give us a call at (941) 766-1617.

Moving to another country? Our expertise is based on principles, values, and raw experience. The volume of work allows C & F Movers to quickly determine the level of sophistication a move requires, man-power, time-line and price quote. We have friendly operators standing by, or fill out our form to begin. We look forward to meeting you and taking the stress of out of state country logistics moving off your plate.

Moving long distances may seem discouraging and overwhelming, here are a few tips that will help you move both within Florida and to other states:

  • Contact the post office and change your address.
    – Make sure to fill everything out correctly
    – Changes will take several weeks to become permanent
  • Get rid of items that could be considered unnecessary
    – Good rule of thumb: items that have not been used in three months should probably be sold or given away.
    – Donating, selling, or giving away items may help reduce shipping costs
  • Organize boxes according to which room they come from
    – Label each box on the same spot so you know exactly where to look
  • Do not forget to plan for the needs of your pets
    – Make appointments for their vet before leaving
    – Plan a visit to a new vet when you arrive at your destination
    – If you are flying, you will need to purchase a ticket for them as well
  • Plan your route, mark reasonable distances to stop and rest
    – Book hotels for overnight stays to prevent too much fatigue
    – Take into account the weather when traveling
    – Service your vehicle and do the necessary maintenance prior to traveling
    – If hiring a moving company, make sure to transfer valuables yourself
    – Keep your Social Security Card, passport, checkbooks, IDs, and insurance on hand
    – Anything difficult or hard to replace should be moved in your own vehicle
  • If necessary, transfer banks or open a new account ahead of time


What does our long-distance moving process look like?


One of our Estimators will come out and give you a detailed quote with all the information you provide to them, as well as the amount of furniture being transported. Once all the factors are calculated in we give you a firm quote guaranteed not to change unless changes are made by you, the client. We don’t hide fees or change our prices after we are loaded as many other moving companies do.


We can help package everything for you! From the silverware and glassware to the clothes in your drawers. We wrap every piece of furniture with padded blankets, use bubble wrap and other supplies to ensure not a scratch or item is ever damaged. And if you don’t need movers and can handle it on your own, we also offer our packaging services for DIY Movers. Either way, we’d love to help! ?


We have all the packaging setups to transport motorcycles, pianos, and various other special circumstances items. We have all the latest packaging technologies that protect your items and ensure no damage. No damage means problem-free and another satisfied client. If you see your mover trying to move your piano without a piano board that straps it down, stop everything because chances are they are not professional and don’t really care for your items.


Loading is the key to a successful move. If the truck is loaded by amateurs and they leave a lot of voids and spaces between the items there’s a good chance stuff is going to move around during the haul and get damaged. We only hire experienced handlers who know how to load a truck. We feel it isn’t right to teach people how to load a truck at the expense of damaging your property. Our team is 100% experienced and professionals. This is the secret to our success.


One of the most important steps when moving is the haul. Our team of experienced drivers know how to handle their rigs with care and due diligence. Once the truck leaves for the destination, you can rest assured that the delivery will arrive without any of your items damaged in transit due to our drivers.


Once the truck arrives our staff will walk the interior of the property with you and take directions from you where you want them to put which pieces and boxes. They will start to make a note of the locations to use as a reminder since we don’t want them asking you every 5 minutes where do you want this and how about this. Once they have the directions they will begin to deliver your property.