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Fort Myers Storage Movers

Warehouse Storage Movers
If you’re looking for warehouse storage solutions in Fort Myers, look no further than C & F Movers, for all your storage needs! Whether your move is short-term or long-term, we provide you with a storage facility capable of handling both!

C & F Movers: Storage Movers in Fort Myers

Our fully licensed and insured, climate-controlled storage warehouses ensure that your belongings remain secure, dry and damage free for the duration of your storage needs.

Let our professional movers, packers and loaders handle the storage of your belongings, including wrapping, padding and loading your belongings into our secure storage containers in one of our storage warehouses. Our expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness make us your one-stop-shop for affordable moving and storage in Fort Myers and across 48 states! If you decide that C & F Movers is perfect for you.

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Vaulted Storage Solutions
If you’re in a bind for space, let us protect your valuables with our vaulted storage solutions. We provide vaulted storage containers that are safe, secure, environmentally controlled and value-priced. Using vaulted storage ensures decreased handling of your valuables and delicate items. You can opt in to have our professionals handle the storage process, including loading and unloading your items into our storage container. After locking the storage vault securely, we store it in our climate-controlled warehouse until you need it next.

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Short- and -Long Term Storage
Do you find your attic or basement difficult to organize because of too much clutter? Is your garage so full that your car can’t even fit? Perhaps you’re selling your home and need more space to show off the venue? These are all great examples of how C & F Movers’s full-service storage solutions are perfect for you! Whether you need long-term or short-term storage options, C & F Movers can help with your storage needs both large and small! Short-term storage can solve quite a few of life’s little messes.

Fort Myers Storage Movers Near Me

If you’re in the midst of moving and can’t self-store, our C & F Movers moving crew has you covered! Our crew will visit your home, pack your goods and load them safely into our storage vaults and trucks. From there, they’ll transport your items to one of our storage warehouses so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Full-Service Storage Tips
Secure storage vaults loaded into a truck No matter how long you need our services, C & F Movers’s goal is to ensure your goods are safe and properly monitored. Nevertheless, we can offer you some simple storage tips so you can take precautions when storing your items:
Avoid Plastic Containers: Believe it or not, packing your items in plastic bags can do more harm than good compared to boxes or our climate-controlled storage vaults and warehouses. This is because plastic can trap humidity and moisture, often times speeding up the mold/mildew process.
Use Sturdier Boxes: While it is environmentally conscious to reuse boxes from grocery stores or past moves, it’s generally a best practice to purchase newer, sturdier boxes to ensure they won’t break apart during long-term storage. Remember: place heavier items at the bottom of any stacks in storage!
Protect Fragile Items: Just like short-term storage, ensure your fragile items are being securely wrapped and padded with bubble wrap and/or newspaper. These items should always be stored away from any openings to ensure safety.
Vacuum Seal Fabrics or Clothing: Any precious fabrics or fancy attire should be vacuum-sealed to help protect against wear and tear, moisture and mold or mildew. If you’ll be keeping these items in long-term storage, vacuum-sealed bags are a great investment.
Appliance Storage: For long-term appliance storage, make sure the interior of your items are wiped down well, usually with baking soda or bleach. Leave doors open and carefully wrap all cords.
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Looking for Fort Myers moving and storage? Contact C & F Movers and we’ll help create a fully customized storage plan based off your price estimate. Learn more and call us today at (941) 766-1617

Fort Myers Storage Movers
Fort Myers Storage Movers
Fort Myers Storage Movers