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Lakewood Ranch Residential Movers

Efficient Residential Moving Services
Family-owned for generations, C & F Movers is the smart choice when it’s time to relocate your household to a new location. We move individuals and families to and from single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. Let us take away the stress of dealing with a residential move on your own. Call us today for assistance. Our residential movers operate in Lakewood Ranch, FL and other states!

C & F Movers: Residential Movers in Lakewood Ranch

What Separates Us As a Residential Mover? It is popular to believe that local residential movers are a dime a dozen. As a consumer you are always trying to save money, don’t let this be one of those times. You will get what you pay for! When consumers shop for the lowest hourly rate they end up with the lowest quality mover.

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When moving be sure to ask your mover a few important questions.
– Are your movers full time employees or are they from the labor pool?
– How would I submit a claim if something gets damaged?
– What happens if one of your men gets hurt on my property?
– What will you use to move me? Box truck, trailer, and rental truck?
– Do you bring dollies, ropes, and moving pads?
– When do you start my hourly rate?

Best Residential Movers in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Our movers have more than 200 years of collective moving experience. They are completely covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance in case of injury on your property. C & F Movers guarantees 60 minutes of work per hour, and our movers pride themselves in ensuring that you have the best residential moving experience possible.

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Because we care about our clients, we’re one of the only moving companies to offer fair market value replacement for your damaged goods instead of the $0.60 per pound damage coverage offered by most of our competitors. If you choose a lower-quality mover and they break your new smart TV, your compensation will amount to about $40.00. In the same situation, we would pay you the current market value to replace your TV. So don’t shop for the cheapest mover – go for the best value!

We charge by the hour and our time starts when we arrive on your doorstep. The time ends when the last item is in place and you are completely satisfied. There is only one other fee – our service fee – that covers the insurance, fuel, equipment, and travel time to and from the job.

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Since its foundation, C & F Movers has completed 200,000+ successful moving jobs for families and businesses throughout Lakewood Ranch, FL. Our insurance not only protects your furniture and electronics, but it also protects you against damage to your home or business. Communication is vital to the moving process. Reach out to our Sales Manager, if you have any changes, questions, or concerns.

Lakewood Ranch Residential Movers
Lakewood Ranch Residential Movers
Lakewood Ranch Residential Movers