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Manatee County One-Piece Movers

We have launched one-piece moving services after realizing the never ending demand for small moves in the Zumbrato, FL area. While most of the full service moving companies don’t even bother replying to the customers with small moving needs, we take such projects with pleasure and delight. We are on a mission to deliver convenient, safe and affordable one-piece moving solutions to those looking to move a single item, or just few pieces of furniture.

C & F Movers: One-Piece Movers in Manatee County

While our moving services are certainly affordable, at no time we cut the corners on the quality. Each of our movers are highly trained to protect both furniture and your residence from accidental damage. For the price paid we provide fully equipped moving van, all necessary equipment, wrapping supplies, and outstanding office support. Each order is thoroughly reviewed and discussed with the moving crew.

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C & F Movers are ready help you with one item delivery. Whether you purchased a sofa from Craigslist, or acquired a nice outside patio set from a friend, we can move them for you. With our low flat rate prices you can’t go wrong, but more importantly we guarantee you satisfaction. Unlike “Luggers” and others, we deliver quality!
– Free plastic wrap and tape
– Free moving pads and wardrobes
– Free fuel and mileage

Best One-Piece Movers in Manatee County, Florida

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen or laundry? And we are ready to move those shiny appliances for you. We will protect each piece in blankets and plastic wrap. Also we can disconnect and reconnect the hoses if necessary, as long as they are compatible, and in good condition. Moving appliances alone usually does not pose any difficulties for professional one-piece movers. However, as with each order, we need as much information as you can provide. Model number and the picture of the item would be appreciated. Additionally, let us know if you have stairs, or narrow turns as this may complicate delivery.

If you are looking for a moving company that can move couple of furniture items without breaking the budget, you are in the right place. One-piece movers focus on providing convenient solutions for those looking to move just a single item.

Manatee County One-Piece Movers Near Me

We are frequently asked to move a single antique piece or framed wall art, and realize that the value of such items is higher than the usual furniture. We approach such order with double vigilance in order to ensure that your items are delivered intact, and send the most experienced movers to service you. Please provide the images of item, so we could determine how to protect them to the highest standards of a moving industry, and supply your mover with all necessary materials. Let us know if additional insurance is desired, as our basic insurance covers a bare minimum required by Manatee County, FL.

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So, whether you are moving one piece of furniture or a houseful, let C & F Movers save you time and money. We’ll pick up your items, bring them back to our warehouse, carefully pack them using methods based more than a decade of experience, and ship them to your destination using a national, insured carrier with a time-tested reputation.

Manatee County One-Piece Movers
Manatee County One-Piece Movers
Manatee County One-Piece Movers