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C & F Movers is a professional moving company and offers trustworthy, reputable, and skilled movers in Naples FL. Our team can handle all sorts of moving, from commercial to residential as well as specialized items.  Whether you are looking to move across the country or just down the street in Naples, C &F movers can help. We offer a professional and timely service for all of Naples Florida.

As skilled movers, we understand that you need your belongings packed and moved quickly and without damage. Our goals are to do just that.

Our services come in a variety of different packages to suit everyone’s needs.  As we understand that sometimes we are a tight budget and other times we are on a tight timeframe.  Whatever your moving needs are C& F is the perfect solution as your Naples movers. We are licensed and insured and ready to move your personal belongings as well as your office anywhere you need.  We consider ourselves very organized and have done countless moves with ease.

If you are looking to move and hate packing we can do that as well.  We offer professional packing services that will come in and pack everything.  This service even comes with all the boxes, tape and packing materials so you’ll have no supplies to worry about.  This is a great service if you are in a hurry and just don’t have the time to be bothered with packing. And, it’s not as expensive as some people think either.

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Movers in Naples FL on a budget


As pros Naples movers, we know that every move is different, as well as their budget and timing that’s why we find it really important to work with each client on an individual basis.  We offer packing services as well as moving service and unpacking. We can be a full service moving company that will pack everything for you and bring it to you. Or we can just stop in and grab the boxes and furniture you have prepared to pack in our truck.  Once you get to your destination there is a chance you won’t know anyone. But, our moving services can help you unpack and get you all settled with ease. This allows you to get settled in quickly and back with life. As Naples movers, we care about our clients and their belongings and want everything to go as smoothly as possible.


Stop stressing out about moving!


 Relax, we can help! As Naples movers, we understand that moving can be stressful. Having friends and family give you a hand is an option indeed, but probably not the best. After all, they are not trained in moving or packing and they are busy as well. Leave the fun hanging out times for friends and family and have professional Naples movers do the heavy lifting. Our movers are trained to lift heavy objects and even go up and downstairs. This is not a job that everyone can do gracefully but we take pride in our moving abilities. We work with our clients to get everything out of their home or office without any damage to the walls or the furniture.


Benefits of working with C & F Movers?

✔ On-Site Moving Estimates

✔ 100% Guarantee 

✔ Licensed and Bonded

Over 31, 000 household moves in over 25 years of business!

✔ On-Time - Always Efficient 

✔ 5 Star Reviews all over!

Google Rating
Based on 72 reviews

Long-Distance Moving Company

What does our long-distance moving process look like?

Free Moving Estimate

One of our Estimators will come out and give you a detailed quote with all the information you provide to them, as well as the amount of furniture being transported. Once all the factors are calculated in we give you a firm quote guaranteed not to change unless changes are made by you, the client. We don't hide fees or change our prices after we are loaded as many other moving companies do.

Packaging Service

We can help package everything for you! From the silverware and glassware to the clothes in your drawers. We wrap every piece of furniture with padded blankets, use bubble wrap and other supplies to ensure not a scratch or item is ever damaged. And if you don't need movers and can handle it on your own, we also offer our packaging services for DIY Movers. Either way, we'd love to help! 🙂

Special Packaging

We have all the packaging setups to transport motorcyles, pianos and various other special circumstances items. We have all the latest packaging technologies that protect your items and ensure no damage. No damage means problem free and another satisfied client. If you see your mover trying to move your piano without a piano board that straps it down, stop everything because chances are they are not professional and don't really care for your items.


Loading is the key to a successful move. If the truck is loaded by amateurs and they leave a lot of voids and spaces between the items there's a good chance stuff is going to move around during the haul and get damaged. We only hire experienced handlers who know how to load a truck. We feel it isn't right to teach people how to load a truck at the expense of damaging your property. Our team is 100% experienced and professionals. This is the secret to our success.

The Haul

One of the most important steps when moving is the haul. Our team of experienced drivers know how to handle their rigs with care and due diligence. Once the truck leaves for the destination, you can rest assured that the delivery will arrive without any of your items damaged in transit due to our drivers.


Once the truck arrives our staff will walk the interior of the property with you and take directions from you where you want them to put which pieces and boxes. They will start to make a note of the locations to use as a reminder since we don't want them asking you every 5 minutes where do you want this and how about this. Once they have the directions they will begin to deliver your property.


The unloading process is the last leg of the race. Here we unload the items off the truck and put them away for you. They will rebuild and setup anything they took apart and place the items in the locations you, the client, outlined for them in the walk through. Once they are finished they will clean everything up and wish you the best of luck in your new location.

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