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Why We’re Different Than Other Local Moving Companies:
At C & F Movers, we strive to be different. Many of our customers come to us with horror stories of how they’ve been treated by local moving companies in the past. As a moving business, with close relationships with other local moving companies in North Sarasota, FL , we put our full effort into changing customers opinions about moving companies one move at a time.

C & F Movers: Local Movers in North Sarasota

We run our business with honesty, integrity, and a friendly “customers come first” attitude. Moving is a stressful time, and we understand things can be tense. That’s why our professional movers always ask our customers “What else can we do to help?”. You’re not hiring “just another one of those local moving companies” when you hire C & F Movers.

You’re becoming part of one of the most professional, friendly, and organized teams of experts in the industry. You’ll be amazed how much less stressful moving is when you have an entire team behind you will full support from the time, we come for the first on-site estimate, to the final time we ask “What else can we do to help?”.

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Here are some more reasons C & F Movers is different than other local moving companies in North Sarasota, FL:
Every move starts with an On-Site Estimate.
When we do an on-site estimate, we are not simply counting the amount of rooms, furniture and object we’ll have to move. We map out the most efficient route between the moving site and destination to ensure everything goes smoothly on moving day, with the fewest delays. We also make sure we send enough movers for the job. By actually seeing the sizes and shapes of furniture, we make sure no mover is over-tired or over-worked which can slow things down considerably. Our team may be doing two or three moves in a day, so it’s imperative that they are not over-burdened by foreseeable delays or extra items requiring special equipment we were not prepared for. These are things that we can only see in person, which is why our estimates are always on site.

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Other local moving companies may do an over-the-phone estimate, but don’t be fooled by the lowest offer. Over-the-phone estimates are not binding unless followed up in writing. Over-the-phone estimates are many times followed by fees added once the movers arrive and discover that they need extra movers, equipment, and have to travel a father distance than quoted. We take every precaution possible to come prepared and ready to make your move as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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Clean and organized trucks make for clean, organized moves.
When we first open the doors on our trucks when we arrive at the moving site, customers often comment on how the cleanliness of our trucks compares to other local moving companies. After every move, our trucks are cleaned, and bumper pads folded and washed if necessary.
We have found that his little bit of extra effort after a move goes a long way in ensuring the next move goes smoothly and as planned. It also gives the customer the extra confidence that their items will be handled as professionally and carefully as we handle our own items. We recommend the use of mattress bags and mirror cartons to keep your items safe, which we have full supplies of. We do our very best to make sure items are delivered in the same condition as they left. Additionally, by knowing exactly where our equipment and protective materials are, we can speed up move time by avoiding time spent searching for them. Every team member knows exactly where everything is, because everything is always put back neatly in its place.

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A professional moving company helps you prepare for your move.
If moving was as simple as showing up with a truck, you wouldn’t need a moving company in the first place. Professional local moving companies help you prepare for your move before the actual moving date. We provide packing supplies and packing services, from full pack to partial pack. We also share moving tips and a moving checklist of utilities and other services you may need to cancel or transfer to your new address. During our on-site estimate we can determine with you exactly what needs to be done to make the move go as smoothly as possible.
We can even arrange for clean out and clean up, disposal, shredding, recycling, contractor services and equipment rental. Our trusted sources have the same business philosophy as us keeping the customers happiness and satisfaction top of mind. For high value or difficult to move items, such as fragile electronics, we offer custom crating as well. The name C & F Movers is renown in the North Sarasota, FL area for moving safes, electronics, and high value items.

North Sarasota Local Movers
North Sarasota Local Movers
North Sarasota Local Movers