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Plantation Furniture Assembly Movers

Disassembly and Assembly Furniture
To prevent damage during moving, it is often necessary to disassemble large pieces of furniture. And at the same time, assembly movers to assist you on your relocation. If you are not handy or simply do not have time, the movers of C & F Movers can help you with this.

C & F Movers: Furniture Assembly Movers in Plantation

During the move, many large and difficult items have to be disassembled to be able to transport. It often happens that things are on a floor and cannot go through the stairwell. This is often the case with old houses. Disassembling large and expensive pieces of furniture is very important. When you disassemble your furniture, of course C & F Movers is the expert and knowledgeable in assembling your furniture. Any unevenness on the street or at home can cause many problems.

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Our appraiser can give advice during a personal visit, whether or not certain documents should be taken apart in whole or in part.

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Children’s rooms often have changing tables, children’s cabinets or cribs that are too big. Loft beds, sideboards and built-in cupboards are also difficult to get on the ground floor without being dismantled.
Examples of disassembly and assembly work are;
Linen cupboards
Cabin beds
Sofa beds
Box springs
Wall furniture
Fireproof cabinets

Plantation Furniture Assembly Movers Near Me

Office buildings often have large desks, cabinets and ICT equipment. Our special ICT mover advises you on the approach to a move and assists you during the move. Disconnection of data and telecommunication equipment and preparing accessories for moving are standard. We install and connect the equipment to the new workplace. If necessary, we take care of testing the equipment and reporting faults. Aftercare with the help of a service desk after the move is also possible. In addition to our disassembly and assembly service, C & F Movers also has a Handyman service. Our handyman does all the difficult chores so you can deal with the ‘really important things’.

If you want to enjoy your new home on your own sofa in one day, use our disassembly and assembly service.

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Whether you need to assemble new furniture or move existing furniture, we have all the right tools for the job. Even more importantly – our expert team is experienced and ready to handle your job in the safest manner possible. Moving sounds like an easy task to take on. It really does. Until your moving day comes close, and most of the tasks that needed to be taken care of aren’t completed. Not in a way you want them to be. And in most cases, people realize that moving furniture isn’t as easy as it seems right after they pack everything else. However – you shouldn’t worry about this aspect. At all. Not when you have our C & F Movers on your team. Ready, and most importantly – happy to help you relocate.

Plantation Furniture-Assembly Movers
Plantation Furniture-Assembly Movers
Plantation Furniture-Assembly Movers