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Plantation Long Distance Movers

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At C & F Movers, we take care of your precious items, so you can have a successful and less stressful long distance move throughout the process.

C & F Movers: Long Distance Movers in Plantation

Moving across the country or just a few hundred miles can be a scary endeavor. Here at C & F Movers, we want to ensure that your long distance move is an enjoyable experience. To set your mind at ease, here are some common long distance moving issues you may have and how we help alleviate your concerns.

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Costs are what tends to concern our customers most of all. Many factors impact the final costs of long distance moves. Most notably, the weight of the move is the most important factor. Increased weight will cost more to move, but other factors to consider are the type of insurance chosen for the move, mileage traveled, storage (if necessary), and even the size and shape of items being moved. We at C & F Movers ensure that our customers fully understand what their expenses are so they can see exactly where their hard earned money is allocated to.Yes, We at C & F Movers want you to feel comfortable with us as your expert long distance movers, so we offer a convenient quote on all moves. Simply fill out our online quote form of contact us directly for an estimate.

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Insurance is your friend when conducting a long distance move. The long stretches of highway can be a hazard no matter how much experience a mover has. Accidents, theft, and a shift in the load can all happen causing damage. At C & F Movers we offer insurance plans for every budget to help you rest assured your precious belongings will be well taken care of. Here at C & F Movers, we can move anything. Whether you want to move your highly valued art collection, houseplants, or anything, we do it all conveniently and cost effectively .

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Book Well In Advance – The moving industry works like most industries. There are busy times as well as slow times. Here in Florida moving season varies depending on location. Generally, our busiest season tends to be spring. During this season, it is recommended that clients reserve services up to 3 months in advance. On off seasons, such as winter, clients can reserve services from C & F Movers up to 3 weeks in advance.
Complete All Address Changes Before Moving – One thing that can be stressing during a move is to change addresses, bank accounts, and disconnect any utilities. Moving everything of this nature before the physical home move takes place will offer a less stressful move and ensure that once the movers arrive at the new residence, everything is already in place for a safe, easy move.
Labels Are Your Friend – Labeling each box is essential to a successful move. Our movers at Convenient Lifestyle Moving will be able to place boxes in the appropriate rooms upon arrival making it easier to unpack and set up the house.
Invest in Excellent Packing Materials – At C & F Movers, we want to ensure that all your items arrive at your new location successfully. We offer insurance on every move, but the best assurance you can have is to invest in the best packing materials. Your items will not be simply on an across town trip, but a long distance move. Package each item to withstand the move with proper padding, bubble wrap, tape, and boxes.

Let Us Handle the Job – Moving long distance can be stressful and many people try to do it all on their own. It is possible to move long distance on your own, but when you trust the helpful, expert movers at C & F Movers, you ensure a professional and less stressful move. Do yourself a favor and hire us to help you with your long distance move.

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Your mind is probably reeling thinking of your impending move. C & F Movers wants to help ease your burden and provide you with a moving experience that stands out in the industry. We do not merely move your belongings from one location to another, but do so with care and concern for your livelihood because many times all your valued possessions are in one of our trucks. We value you as a customer and your belongings will be safe with us. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should trust C & F Movers for your long distance move.

Plantation Long-Distance Movers
Plantation Long-Distance Movers
Plantation Long-Distance Movers