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Tice Business Movers

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C & F Movers: Business Movers in Tice

The planning of office moving is crucial and can have a huge impact on the bottom line of a business. Lost employee production caused by down time and lack of organization during business moving cannot be recouped. C & F Movers commercial sales consultants and supervisors understand the impact this can have on your company.
We avoid these costly mistakes by:
• During initial meeting, ask the necessary questions to gain as much information about your company’s needs and determine initial timelines.
• Developing budget forecasts that can be easily adjusted.
• Complete pre-move meetings with department managers to gain in-depth information on specific needs.
• Work with the company move coordinators to determine the numbering and color-coding label system, so that your furniture is put where you want it, when you want it.
• Involve our working commercial supervisors in the planning stage of the move through onsite visits and communication.
• In order to utilize our crew in the most efficient manner, our supervisors stay in contact with each other via cell phone and 2-way radios.
• C & F Movers have fulltime project management available to manage the entire office moving process.
• Dedicated after hours crew.
• Computer disconnect and reconnection services.
• Cleaning services available, post move.

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If you are thinking of relocating your business or office, here is some important questions and information:
How do you calculate your office space needs?
There are 2 methods of calculating your office space needs. First, use the general rule of thumb method, which takes the numbers of employees and calculates based on whether you want a typical, efficient, or spacious space. Second, you can use the detailed calculation method, which gives you the average office space used for a President’s office, VP’s office, conference rooms, reception area, file rooms, lunch room, etc.

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When using a mover, remember that you are the customer and the boss. If you have any concerns at all, contact your move coordinator immediately.

Tice Business Movers
Tice Business Movers
Tice Business Movers